The Notations

There will be no rehearsal this Thursday, 5/18.  Thank you!

Below you will find recordings of the songs we will be singing this year.  Please have the students use them to practice.  Thank you!


1st Part Only:

2nd Part Only:

Full Performance:

Accompaniment Only:


Full Performance:

Accompaniment Only:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Everyday People

Full Performance:

Accompaniment Only:

1st Part Only:

2nd Part Only:

1st Part Singers

  • Alec Henderson
  • Anna Kate Wilson
  • Anna Grace Tabor
  • Avery Batey
  • Catherine Long
  • Chloe Brown
  • Ciara Murphy
  • Dominik Rodenius
  • Drew King
  • Emerson Elrod
  • Emma Hooks
  • Houston Hughes
  • Jordyn Elam
  • Julia-Kate McMurry
  • Kaley Zadick
  • Kierston Menke
  • Loren Park
  • Luke Eveland
  • Morgan Thompson
  • Olivia Carr
  • Olivia Parker
  • Rodrigo Gallegos-Olivares
  • Tamya Carpenter
  • Tian Tate

2nd Part Singers

  • Addison McKinney
  • Alyssa Maddern
  • Annabelle Hypes
  • Ansley Rice
  • Ashlee Luca
  • Emily Reed
  • Emma Turner
  • Gavyn Moore
  • Jack Patterson
  • Jenny Glenn
  • Josie Lawrence
  • Katie Kirkpatrick
  • Lindsey Aleridge
  • Logan Reyes
  • Lucy Miller
  • Riley Barrett
  • Roxie Stecker
  • Sadie Brassell
  • Sarah Spraggins
  • Shelby Stamper




Mr. Koly

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